Saturday, 22 March 2014


“ALRIGHT, GOODNIGHT”- little did the co-pilot Fariq Hamid knew that the night is not as good as he imagined and those would be his last words from the cockpit.The whole world is waiting to hear from him. If any second there is a hello from him, the shaken world will be at peace!

With every passing day, efforts from all over the world have been intensified in search of the flight MH370.The search has taken many twist and turn and now the two week old biggest aviation mystery seems bizarre,and surprises every man on earth questioning – where would the flight disappear?
There has been a lot of speculation about this aircraft.Terrorism, hijacking, and meteors obviously the media has thought about all possible explanation and every learned man has different suggestion as to what happened to it?

It was a hot night; Boeing 777 departed from kuala Lampur to Beijing carrying 239 passengers.Today as I was booking my ticket I felt a shiver, knowing this incident I can only imagine what if that this will be my last goodbye to my loved once.239 passengers in the flight from different countries families are sadden and grieved with this mishap.I feel technology has betrayed mankind in its own way, I don’t believe the fact if companies still say they can track my lost phone. We live in an era where we carry GPS in our pockets tracking people places anything is just a click away.Then how is this vanishing possible?

Rescue teams form all over the world, 26 countries are helping Malaysia to trace the missing flight, and day after day the disappointment is growing.
In the recent news, researchers say that they have found debris in the coast of Australia, the media portrayal of the whole situation is generating many question from the general public. A total of 26 countries, 43 ships, 51 planes, FBI, Interpol and many search services are looking for the Boeing.  It gets me to wonder where are the soothsayers and the fortunetellers. The more intense this mysterious case is becoming it makes us wonder in this age of technology who would have thought about a plane being lost and it cannot be found?

Outpourings of support thoughts and prayers have been seen all over the world. Artwork, sculptures, lighting candles and prayer ceremonies have been seen in different parts of the world all with one message “A prayer to find MH370”.  Ethnic unity has risen in many countries especially Malaysia where prayer congregation is held all bowing where a Muslim leader is followed by a Christian reading bible, then a Buddhist monk, a Hindu and finally a Taoist priest all join together echoing the imams plea.

It has been more than 100 hours, these 100 hours have changed the whole world, and this baffling mystery has united the world as never seen before. Every soul on this mother earth is chanting the planes safety.The story remains unresolved, we don’t know but all we pray is " return to us".

You took me up in the air,
My story remains untold
Where am I, my family awaits

To my people- what happen to me-
let the mystery unfold.


  1. Very nicely written Halima!!

  2. Well written as always..... yes it is indeed very saddening that with all the technology we can't find AN AIRCRAFT😖

  3. Very nice write up!! My heart goes out to the families of the missing passengers... May God make it easy for them!!!

  4. Good one !! May allah make it easy for all on board..

  5. Well written. It is a very sad situation and our prayers are for the families of the missing passengers.

  6. Hope the mystery solves quick. There are people waiting for answers.

  7. God bless Them All.