Saturday, 8 March 2014

Shisha Mania

Pipiti,Pipiti it’s a Waterpipe!
Let the coal burn
Let me try once, let me learn

The taste hit my tongue,
Tobacco consumed my lung.
But my mind is at peace,
Beautiful mind with happiness did seize.

Pipiti, Pitpiti it’s a waterpipe
So what’s the fuss about it?
Why is it so hyped?

Sometimes I wonder, what’s all the fuss about this beautiful invention.One puff makes you at ease, calms you and comforts you.Blow after blow leads you to a state of trance, it makes your senses high, so electrifying makes you dance.
Hookah,Shisha,waterpipe it has many names.Many years ago this mini Waterpipe was created dated back to the age of Mughals. Since then this tiny creation has spread like epidemic and in the Mediterranean culture it has created its niche. In Dubai its common to find Shisha cafes and lounges to sit and relax, you find people of all age groups sitting with either family or friends. In Many countries it’s become a pleasant pastime to watch football games, play cards and do many more activities “over a Shisha”. Its not surprising to see a 13-year-old child smoking Shisha and chilling with his friend, but who knew that this pastime which is so beautifully disguised poses threat to human life.

Anab nana, fruity, Pan rasna and many many more. Name a flavor and you will find it.Shisha lounges now get you the best and offer you 100 varieties and flavors. People in Dubai don’t mind spending a weekend night at the shisha lounge with or without anyone all shisha lovers need a shisha and the company is decided later on. The health effects of shisha are not hidden, it’s just avoided and not brought into limelight for many reasons. There are millions of smokers throughout the word, who are not even aware of the harmful effect of smoking to their body and even to others. I always wondered if it is so dangerous, then why do people smoke? So finally I have come to a conclusion that smoking is obviously an addictive drug, and in Dubai its even more common because-

 Weekends in Dubai- Dubai known to have a classy nightlife, teenagers and party animals look forward for the weekend to go and set their mind free. On the same time a family man is lost in this life, few weekends they go taking their family out to parks, amusement theme areas for kids, restaurants but sometimes when you have to relax a good place is a Shisha joint. Lack of places, which are quit, sometimes away from the chaos from the busy life you will find peace at a Shisha joint where you can enjoy and relax.

·         Working men/ women- A 9-5 job is a working lifestyle of most men and women in Dubai, every weekend a person is not keen to go to a busy mall or a place with loud music, here the Shisha joints make their money calling out to people to come and have a leisure time.

·        Culture- Shisha and Dubai is not different, it goes hand in hand. An authentic Arabic place cannot be without Shisha and staying in Dubai you cannot avoid it.

·       Young kids want to look mature- Many kids in Dubai watch their elders and family people smoking, and they find it cool, hence they form a circle of friends where Shisha is one of the "in thing" to do. They don’t find it wrong or even think about the health benefits coz they are not taught by their elders since if you smoke Shisha and tell your children’s not to do they will question, it’s a modern generation with not so easy to handle kids. So we raise our children how we are, they don’t learn by words but by actions.

·         Stressful time in life- A smoker feels relaxed and at ease with a Shisha. He forgets his worries and lets his brain do the at peace job. At that moment he doesn’t care the risk of that one Shisha he’s smoking and what is at stake- “His life”.

Whatever said and done Shisha is a dangerous gamble, scientifically proven it leads to lung cancer, tuberculosis and many other diseases. But who cares people say I enjoy it and I do it, so in Dubai the health issues regarding Shisha is “Faded in the swirls of the smoke rings”.  

A moneymaking business in Dubai is undoubtedly is a shisha bar; it’s a pilgrimage for the young and the old, but the question here is why would you rush with your friends to smoke 200 cigarettes in a span of 3 hours.
On my research on Shisha I came across few good points regarding these Shisha bar, which are found in every knock and corner of Dubai-

·      Family time- Its common to see a family, parents and children’s to go to a Shisha bar and sit relax and talk to each other. Which probably doesn’t happen at home. Shisha is defined as bonding time.
·      Husband and wife relation- away from the household chores, away from children couples look forward to relax time and Shisha bars offer “a time alone” for the couple
·      Not so young- middle-aged people seem lost in this busy Dubai’s chaotic life; to revive the life’s lost drama a Shisha helps them revive those lost feelings.
As I was pondering about the benefits, I was dumbfounded on what is this Shisha mania leading to??  What are we teaching the children instead of staying at home and spending time with your children you bring them to Shisha and expose them to this unhealthy lifestyle?
Young boys get together for Shisha; a lazy world is becoming lazier and lazier.  This de -stressing Shisha mania, is a slowly killing you but the ironic part is we enjoy it, we are relaxed and don’t mind the consequences. Sometimes I feel "Life is like smoking a hookah. The more you enjoy it, the sweeter it gets and if you over do it, you end up with headaches".
Beware- Its killing you!


  1. Nice article !!!

    Missing the hookah's of the emiratis...

  2. Superb article...
    Lot of inside about shisha feel have have one...

  3. Very nice! !!!!!!

    Missing hookah

  4. Great article!
    Missing dubai life ;)

  5. Gr8 write up..... finally someone took the initiative to get the harmful effects of hookah into limelight...... very creatively put across on the pros and cons of the HOOKAH:-)

    1. thank you ayesha. yes insightful and not scary message:)

  6. Great article on shisha...!!! truly creative πŸ‘"Life is like smoking a hookah. The more you enjoy it, the sweeter it gets and if you over do it, you end up with headaches"πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ nicely said ,therez a limit to evrythin ...

  7. Oh Shisha ;)
    Shisha is an integral part of the lives of the people residing in the Middle Eastern parts and it is also making its mark in the ROW. However, there are Herbal flavours available in the market which don't cost you any lung diseases and is definitely not like smoking 200 fags but as you have very insightfully mentioned that everything has a limit and we should know where to draw a line lest harm ourselves by overdoing.
    Yet again a good one Ms. Halima :)
    #Shishaisgoodshizz ;)

    1. thanks zainab and interesting topic about the herbal sheesha made from sugar cane, on my research yes ofcourse its better than tobacco but but --prolonged exposure to bagasse (sugar cane) can lead to "acute bronchiolitis and pneumonia " and "extrinsic allergic alveolitis, hpersensitising pnemonitis or airway and lung dysfunction. so smoking is bad, it kills but herbal is slower rate. but better good to avoid tobacco. herbal it is :)
      thanks soo much..

  8. Haaaaaaaaal!!!! Luved it, uve alwys been brilliant with wordplay!! i think u shud post the poem u wrote ( one hr torchure )...=D keep writing n ill help u popularize it ( oly if im d face of the article ) !!! =p

  9. Good writing! Not too scary or in favor. I love sheesh anyways! :)