Thursday, 27 February 2014

Importance of Creativity

In today's time creativity is being replaced by i pads, cartoons and the like. What exactly is happening that is making such a change? Low tolerance of parents or the attractive of such gadgets and shows?

Why on the other hand creativity is under estimated? Mums you need to realize that creativity can help teach your child cognitive skills that go up to the extend of mathematics and scientific thinking. It can even in the long run act as problem solving as well as help with future literacy skills. 

Still thinking how?

 1-Creativity promotes emotional development- the expression used in creativity helps emotions to gain relief and understanding them. You can help your child by expressing this out what they feel on paper. Example, if he is angry ask him to paint a picture of their feelings.  Watch how they progress over time to understand your child better

2-Creativity promotes social development- In young childhood, creativity is often a social act. Singing, dancing, puppetry, and theater all teach the child to pay attention to others as well as develop an understanding of social rules like give and take, and cooperation. Have a canvas party with other children or have the child and their friends put on a play or puppet show.

3-Creativity supports physical development-Working with art materials such as crayons, scissors, paint brushes, canvas, fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.To promote further make them paint murals or installations with objects lying around home to see how they perceive creativity and growth.

4-Creativity supports language and literacy development- You need to engage your child in creative plays and projects, this way they learn new things and open up their thinking and boost their morality. Ask them open ended questions about their art work such as “how did you feel when you drew this” or “how does this painting make you feel?”

 5-Creativity promotes cognitive development- Children have imagination that is in full use, therefore encourage them to come up with new ideas and to think out of the box as creativity involves a lot of exploration and as well as problem solving. Rather than forcing your child with pencil and paper, give them an exercise where by objects they learn and retain it better in the long run.When children match shapes or colors in their creations they are learning the math skill one to one correspondence. Creative activities can help them learn about grouping and classification, physical properties of objects, and cause and effect. 

Hope this aspect can be taken seriously as the benefit in long run is going to be fruitful.

So Moms what have you decided you want to do for your child to achieve this goal?


  1. very well written. thank u for the blog post

  2. Very good post. would also like tips on how to encourage kids to explore their creative side.

    1. will surely work on it and u will see it soon :)

  3. love the post and specially the pics, art is so soothing

  4. children should be let free to shape up their thoughts and ideas .Very informative post for parents .