Thursday, 6 March 2014

7 Effective ways to WIN over your Inlaws

Dealing with inlaws is the toughest part of any marriage. And the most talked about. Thinking about it from their point of view, it is a very tough venture to accept a pretty little package into a otherwise perfect family, who turns out to be the greatest competition where her boys attention is concerned. So try to fit into a family perfectly, without posing any threats. Flash your do goods, and happily ever after is all yours.

So I decided to come up with a couple of important tips in order to help you get there. Afcourse every inlaw family is different and all have their strong and weak points. So these points are generalized. Let's get started, shall we;

1. Cook their favourite food, EXACTLY the way they like it. If they like it spicy, pile on the chilies and if they like it sweet, heap it up with sugar (or honey. Don't wanna get them diabetic now, do we? ;)) The way to anyone's heart is through the stomach. Trust me on that.

2. Dress nicely and neat. The last thing your mother inlaw wants to see is a monster fromping around the house in her dirty pajamas all day. Look nice and smell fresh. Wear decent clothing that would appeal to an older generation. You can be whatever you want to be when you are alone with your hubs and kids. Meanwhile be a decent daughter in law.

3. Take care of your hubby. The only thing that puts your inlaws at ease is seeing you take complete care of your husband and spoiling him now and then. It's a responsibility you inherit from your mother inlaw the minute you say 'I do', and it puts her total ease to see her little 'munna' being taken care of so nicely. Just make sure you don't 'steal' him away from her, while you are pampering him.

4. Listen to them. A lot of older folks like to talk a lot. They love gossiping about relatives back home, or picking out bad habits of the maid or driver. Or even discussing the future outcome of the latest sitcom airing on humtv. All they want is someone to listen to them. So take some time out from your daily routine and listen to them talk their heart out. You don't have to start blabbering yourself or relate life stories. Just listen to them talk and respond. Be the best listener, and you might pick up on a few more habits that might please them more.

5. Give them presents from time to time. Inlaws love it when you pop out a gift from time to time. Let it be the smallest of things, but it means a lot to them coming from there son and his family. That does not mean you are raising any expectations where supporting is concerned, just makes them happy to see that you remembered them sometime while shopping or picking out dresses.

6. Let their grand kids love them. The only thing inlaws love more than their son, is their son's kids. Tell your little tots  to play with granddaddy and give grand mommy a lot of company. This way your babies will learn to have a bigger heart, to love their relatives and getting close to their grandparents makes them happier, and their grandparents too. Plus the sweet love of dadu Jaan cannot be compared to anything else.

7. Smile. It is one of the greatest gift given to us by God. A smile is a sunnah, a smile is a sadqa. So use it more than often, and win your Inlaws' hearts with it. Smile when you talk to them, smile when you listen to them, smile when you eat, sit, cook and say goodbye. Makes a huge difference!

So that's it for today. Hope all my points did get your attention and hopefully will help you out with your inlaws. 

If you have any other family or relationship related issues, just let me know on my FB inbox and I'll be glad to help you out. Love ya all! Till next time. 


  1. Replies
    1. Very helpful for me!
      How can I make my in laws happy,as I live abroad?

    2. Well Saba, calm them up more than often, like maybe thrice a week at least. Or have long skype sessions with your kids as well. Send them presents from time to time. And make sure you ask your husband to be in touch with them a lot.

  2. I will try all u r points But my hubby is not so talkative.But when I reach in law I see my hubby more Happy.i feel only i am alone here.They all r togher.