Saturday, 1 March 2014

Housewife in Dubai or a working woman

“A woman should be called a homemaker and not a housewife, for logically a woman manages a house and not married to it. As they say; English is a funny language and this word always cracks me up.
For centuries,a woman has been associated with household chores. But times have changed, gone are the days when a lady in red saree runs to the door screaming “Woh agaye, woh agaye”. Gone are the days when the lady would look at her window longingly, waiting for her husband to return, denying the evening tea for herself in his wait. Today a woman is likely labelled as a “modern housewife”. A current trend is that she is at par with men across many platforms.
Initially women made inroads at work in the field of teaching and nursing. Over the years, with their determination and prowess, they have progressed and created their own niche in areas like banking, finance, administration, advertising and the service sector to name a few.

Dubai provides several opportunities to women and also has earned the reputation of a safe working haven for women . A modern day house wife is known to handle both work and family life smoothly, but sometimes they are not as solid as we think- is this modern term unrealistic? Do women feel they can balance work and a home life and still have a happy marriage and a strong family? To find out about this I thought of interviewing few people and knowing their view about housewives vs. working lady.

HENA A.KHAN: Founder of UAEMUMS group and a mother of three. She's one of a nicest and an ambitious lady I have come across. She has managed to create an online platform on which people meet and socialise.

On asking her what does she think is better being a housewife or working? Can she create a balance between family and work?She says – “It doesn’t matter if one is a house wife or a working lady. Both are good homemakers in their own way. Women are good at multi-tasking and can maintain balance easily. I personally prefer being a homemaker. But I feel the choice should be given to the lady. If she wishes to work, if she is confident of handling both, she can have a career. Everyone thinks and makes choices. I respect the process”.Talking to Hena about the same egged me to know views from someone who is a homemaker; does she also feel the same?

RIFATH ALTAF- Married for two years a homemaker, she is a fun loving and an energetic girl. I asked her, her views on life in Dubai for a homemaker, does it provide the opportunities for work and if yes, what is the cause behind her choice to be a homemaker? 

She says- “Dubai has a very lazy lifestyle. Being married I am responsible to look after my family and this keeps my mornings tied down and evenings I love to spend time on a good day workout and relax. I am a graduate I have many opportunities but most of them are 9-5 jobs, as for me it becomes a commitment issue between family and work.The timings limit you from grabbing the hot deals. I personally prefer a part time job to utilize my free time and earn a good amount for my hard work if it is worth both time and money I would love to work. May be every home maker thinks that way, obviously creating a balance in life is no cake walk. Before I concluded on my views interviewing with Mrs.Rifath I was thinking and wondered what would be an unmarried working girls outlook to the above discussion. 

NATASHA PATEL- Smart and a high-spirited girl works in an IT industry. On asking her if working was not a necessity for you after marriage would you prefer to work? How is work life affecting you now, do you get time for yourself or do you feel frustrated?

She says-“ I have been working since I was 16 years old be it part time or full time. I am constantly working even on weekend sometimes. Obviously I don’t have much time for myself now.However I believe that every individual should be independent and have their own identity whether one is married or not. I would always choose to continue working even after I get married as I love what I do and it’s a huge part of me that will not change. I have to admit that at the moment I don’t have much time for myself and I tend to prioritise work but I know that this is my time to shine and I want to be great at it even if it means sacrificing time for myself.

Finally I come to a conclusion that obviously a woman is good at multi tasking,working at home or office- she is always on her toes delivering her best as a daughter-sister-wife-mother--employer or a boss. Staying in Dubai is an added advantage to her dreams with so much safety at the workplace, an environment where there is openness to creativity and the traditional ideology of a housewife is long gone. Today a women has so many roles and identities for herself to play and she is capable of all. "Therefore a women can think of cleaning while lounging but yet be fabulous".


  1. Good article. Although I believe being a wife and mother is more important over being the bread earner. Although if you have the first two covered really good, then the third ain't that bad.

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  3. Nice :)
    You have very well articulated the fact that gone are the days when a woman after getting married is expected to be confined to the household chores and work. However, today, they have lifted their status and are doing equally well in the corporate world or any other sector and are definitely at par with the men. I believe it is important for a woman to make time for both the worlds and balance them both rather than sacrificing on either which as Ms. Rifath Altaf said is no cake walk but if you are passionate about something and have the support from your family then its cooooooooool ;)
    Halima Sadiya, (Y)

  4. Very nicely written!!=)

  5. Nice article Halima Sadiya......
    Gr8 work..... keep going. ...

  6. I enjoyed reading the article, no doubt women are multitasking and they work harder than men.

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