Thursday, 13 March 2014

Marital relationship (Scenario 1) - The Inlaws Effect

Hello ladies! Today we will be doing something different. This time I won't be give out advices, it's YOU who is going to solve a problem and show off your expertise. 

Confused? Here is how we will do it.

I will put down a scenario between our pretend fake couple Aisha and Ali, and you guys will comment with the solution to the issue, that you believe us right. At the end of the day, I will add the final section of the solution to the problem to the end of this post. Ready?


Scenario 1:

Ayesha has her inlaws over from Pakistan for one whole week, including the weekend. She has hardly ever had a chance to get to know them better because of her quick love marriage, and because she flew back to Dubai the next day of her wedding. But the truth is, Ayesha prefers not to have them over because of all the hassle and pain they might cause her with the extra work, and because she can't watch Ali sharing his love with someone else. She would rath,er have him completely to herself. And she has heard her friends talk about the way inlaws always try to cause problems between their son and daughter inlaw so they can kick her out of the house. So she was very aggressive and in a bad mood. 

Ali is quite attached to his mom and dad since he is the youngest in his family. He hasn't seen them in forever and would love to spend every second with them over the next few days. He is sure Aisha feels the same way too. And he can't wait to make up plans to take his parents out and have them try all different delicacies of the Arabic culture.

The first day they arrived, Aisha refused to cook for them since she had extra cleaning to do. So they decided to order in. Everyone was happy to see each other, but Ali noticed his mum get upset when she saw lunch ordered in instead of home cooked food. His mum had stomach ulcers and preferred home cooked to order in. Ali decided not to say anything to aisha at the moment and decided to ask her later to cook at home for dinner, instead if ordering in.

Aisha saw her mum in law get upset too when they seated for lunch, and she figured the controversies against her have always started. Few hours later, Ali asked her politely to cook at home for dinner. Aisha figured this was her mum inlaw lashing out at her by controlling her son already. Just to let him know who is in control, Aisha tells Ali she had to go out with friends for dinner and he can order in again for his parents.

This causes a huge misunderstanding between Aisha and Ali, and the entire week goes worse than horrible with Aisha contradicting every single thing her inlaws say or do, and Ali is torn between his beautiful wife and his amazing parents. 

Now I want you to study the situation above carefully.

And Tell me what were the mistakes made by Aisha or Ali, or both? What should have happened? And how should they have dealt with it?

Can't wait to read your comments ladies! :)


  1. Aisha has speeded less Time with his In laws.Aisha must cook food at home bcoz his mother in law has some problem.Ali should help his wife in facing new home new people.They both must talk in little things . understand Each other.Help Each other is The Name of Marriage.

  2. Ali should sense that aisha is very uncomfortable having her inlaws over, he should sit and talk it out with her. Remember communication is always very important in any problem. Aisha should not be as narrow minded to judge her inlaws based on her friends opinions. She should learn to accept them in her life and compromise with their needs and wants. And always remember that if her inlaws are happy, her husband is happy. That's our final goal.

    Thank you all for your input which were very very good.