Saturday, 29 March 2014


So you are going to Marry via facebook
We will be online on your wedding day!
Our gifts will be "Likes"
We wait to see your kids-
When are you Downloading??

Every girl dreams to marry a "Perfect Husband". Bollywood movies have created a strong impact portraying the cinematic love story, having the Cupid play its game causing a  girl to imagine and picture herself years down the lane. Her husband and kids come into view. Sometimes life offers you the unexpected and you start to wonder what destiny holds for you. Cyber marriage a term that most of us are familiar with. But what exactly happens in a cyber marriage? More and people in todays world are meeting via the internet and friendships developing over long distances, its not unusual for love to blossom over the internet and then develop into marriage. Are cyber relationships trustworthy. Can you trust someone blindly via internet and agree to MARRY that person??

Sania Imaan age 25, born and brought up in Hyderabad "The City of nawabs also known as the City of Pearls". In the midst of all the hustle bustle of this busy city lived a happy family with 3 daughters and a hard-working mother. The father passed away in a road accident since then the mother took over the responsibility and worked towards the well being of her daughters. It was not an easy task to take care of 3 young girls and to fulfill all their needs and she had to save money for their alliance. Sania was the eldest daughter who use to work at a parlour from 10am-8am, after a busy days work she use to rush back home avoiding her family to get peace "Over the internet".

Technology has changed our daily routine, few years back hours use to pass by talking to each other in person and nowadays "A Wats app" and "Facebook" is enough to be in touch with the whole wide world. The reason why Sania rushed to check her Facebook account everyday was because she had a secret facebook buddy. Asim feroz, age 28 from the United arab emirates. It was only a month since they both had been in contact with each other and Asim confessed to Sania that he deeply loves her.

  • This is the first step of cyber fraudsters (to trap you to fall in love with them) 

Sania being the eldest daughter, had the decision-making right in the house, when she approached her mother about Asim and her, at first her mother was upset about he whole idea of talking to strangers via internet but information about Asim being from the UAE and earnings per month made her believe in the information provided by him.

  • Bio data about them will be exceptionally good

"Everything that is deceiving us is always too good to question", Sanias mother and Sania started to prepare for the wedding. It sounded weird but both had never spoken to each other on phone, every conversation happened on Facebook. People started to tease Sania about her "Facebook wedding". The marriage was via internet through a Skype call (the video from Asims side didnt work"). Its a shock to see such incidents happen in todays world, but people are being betrayed in this internet chapel scam. Marriage paperwork and agreements was all arranged by Asim and with tickets  the documents were delivered to Sania. Money for everything done was by Sania.
  • No penny from the Guy is wasted. "A bride is gifted to the fraud"

On July 3rd Sania stepped on the sands of Dubai, the scorching heat made her heart thump more with the excitement to see her husband. A tap on her back - "Sania Imaan" someone called. she turned with excitement only to see an old man may be around 65 years age smiling at her. 
where  is Asim she asked eagerly?? His answer filled her eyes with tears and shattered all her dreams. He said i am Asim. Sometimes life can be ruthless. All the documentation were fake, Asim with the help of his friend planned the whole thing and trapped Sania. Innocent Sania became the victim, she shouted and cried for help but neither her family or friends could help her. Finally one day she ran from the house, and decided to work and live her life. Sania today works in a parlour in Dubai. Things have become better but she cant erase her past, all she has to say to the world is " Don't trust anyone, outside world is waiting to attack you" 



  1. Halima that's good info and helpful.... hope people realise and understand this.
    The story of sania is very sad indeed.... hope she gets over It soon and gets on with life.