Monday, 3 March 2014

Beauty with Cinnamon Powder & Honey

Home remedies are always the best & long lasting solution. They are considered to be the most excellent way out when one gets tired of spending money & fail to get the desired results. Lets check out some very well known benefits - 

Skin - A mixture of little cinnamon powder & lemon juice is very effective for acne & blackheads. Also if mixed with honey its immensely effective for acne & pimples. This mixture can also be used for healing wounds and skin itches. Mix cinnamon , honey & olive oil for a gentle scrub & say goodbye to rough skin. Applying honey to bruises reduces redness, pain & swelling.

Hair – Using cinnamon powder & honey in food helps improve blood circulation, thus making hair strong and healthy. With improved blood circulation in the body, the hair roots and the scalp get stimulated enabling growth of strong & beautiful hair. A mask of honey & olive oil nourishes dry hair.

Lips – Many women love a plump pout / fuller lips. A concoction of cinnamon in lip gloss or Vaseline will plump up lips. Dont worry when you feel a tingling sensation, its just the spice working up. Applying honey helps cracked lips & also lightens dark lips.

Nails – A fusion of honey , egg yolks & milk in equal parts with a dash of olive oil helps strengthen brittle & cracked nails. This mix can also be used for cracked heels leaving it for 2 hrs covered with socks. 

Eyes – Using honey on eyelashes helps thicken & darken them. Its naturally good for eye lashes that fall off because of dandruff. 
Honey is also used for eye infections which are usually caused by bacteria, virus and other microbiological agents. Just a drop or two in each eye will help clear the infection ( raw & unpasteurized honey should be used for eyes ) Once applied the dirt will be removed from the eyes with tears. Your eyes will appear clear & bright too.


  1. Great article, but tell me if the regular honey we find in supermarkets does all the above. If not then which brand of honey do you recommend?

  2. I will pass it on to my sis , she will be loving it ...

  3. My query is the same as Rahima's. Which honey do we use?

  4. Raw honey always shows the best results as the regular honey is pasteurized & destroys the natural nutrients.