Friday, 14 March 2014

Space and Freedom

Kids need to get their hands dirty -- to paint, sculpt, create -- in order to express themselves. As adults we're told we need to color inside the lines, but I don't think you should ever tell a child that. Let them scribble-scrabble like crazy and see what comes out. What looks like a scribble to you is actually very fulfilling for a child

Abida Irtaza's daughters scribble

Abida Irtaza's eldest daughter is almost 4 years, who loves creativity at its best, you can see her scribbling above on the paper which to many may find it a mess but they are actually 
notions that go around in her mind. Though she loves art, she can be moody and not want to do anything, as mostly she seeks attention all the time. On the other hand Abida cannot stand the mess created during the process.

Abida's daughter engrossed in drawing

In such situations, I would suggest to to get same age groups around her once or twice a week, or take her to creativity sessions as all UAE cities run them in some form or the other. This way she will learn how to interact with others in her same age and as well as seek less attention for you. As for the mess created, you have to train her how to clear up after she is done with her doodling, or set up a small corner somewhere, where she likes to work so she knows her space and she can feel the comfort of working. I am sure all is worth her pretty smile. Just look at it. Don't u all agree?

Rahima Jabeen, a mother of 6 children knowing how her kids are interested in playing and pretending one of the things other than painting and coloring, has encouraged creativity for them by setting up a small space in a corner which has all amenities they love and this gives them freedom to choose.

The little pull out containers have colors, crayons, glue, scissors etc The tub stores clay and glitter and some water paints.
Jabeen states that it has positive effects on their life as "they incorporate real life experience in play so that memory and information is well processed", the only thing which upsets her is the mess created as the kids don't want to clean up after. One of her own solution is that she keeps the paper used for creativity with her so that it keeps everything under control

Twins play with toys for a pretend race
The best trait as a mom towards them is that she leaves them to figure out things themselves rather than giving in answers to them, as she prefers play by hand and brains over technology products though bother her twins are proficient in Microsoft paint too.

Doodling with clay and some plastic tools
Moms do not stop your child from creativity just because of the mess that is created in the process. Doing this you are limiting your childs ability. Usually such children in the long run are not good decision makers or problem solvers when it comes to real life situation. Give them the space and watch the magic work, you will be surprised to see different sides of your children and you will enjoy it a lot more. Give them the space and freedom to think which will lead them into positive actions. 

A round of applause to both moms Rahima and Abida :)

Very soon a blog post will cover the a creative mom who unleashes the creativity of her son who calls himself a Doctor at the very age of just 5 . Stay tuned :)



  1. Awesome! Ima try and get my kids to work on their creativity too!

    1. gr8. Next week the article is specifically being written for u :) tips and trick to foster creativity for your little one :)

  2. But if my kids r buzy in watching TV than what to do?

    1. Hello Anonymous mom,

      I will cover this topic for u very soon. If i can have your name I will tag you once i am done writing :)

  3. superbbb, I m speechless really , I do give chance to my boys some time elder one do very amazing things , I feel proud to be his mother,,, even I check the programme which he is watching should be creative and informative , after that he tries to do same thing . wants to create unique things.......... thanx for sharing some sensitive but important tips............laila akbar

    1. great Laila.... i am happy that u loved it.... stay in touch for many more to come :)