Thursday, 27 March 2014

Painting to Relieve Stress. Yes you got that Right!

Stressed about something? Having anxiety or nervousness? These are all severe mental health conditions. Notice how when you want to calm your hyperactive children, and if you give them some task, or paper and colors they are submerged in it for a couple of hours at least before they start with their tantrums again. Or moreover, they don't even remember what they were complaining about. 

Have you tried anything of this sort for yourself, as we all have something to complain about, yet we don't know who to approach or where to take the anger out. Most of us land up gossiping, which to me is a total WASTE of time and energy. I believe in being constructive and productive. Today many therapists are using art therapy to encourage self-expression and improve communication. Do we need therapists? I would say "NO". Just a small investment in some brushes, paints and canvas.

There are many different ways to alleviate stress and not every method will work for every single person. Most individuals will need to try a few different methods to discover which one is the most beneficial to them personally.

Let’s Consider The Positive Effects of Painting:


Self-care means taking care of yourself and taking part in activities purely or partly for the benefit or your own well-being, rather than your kids, spouses, or even friends. Find a new hobby that fits your lifestyle. I often give some ‘me time’.with all the responsibilities in life and divert my mind. Yes my family does complain, but then I need to pamper myself too right? Trust me, it will make you feel more balanced and energetic. End of the day you will feel you have achieved a goal and satisfaction.

Painting and creating art is a good way of distracting your thoughts from whatever is causing your stressing or anxiety.At times when I am annoyed or hurt or in pain I sit in the corner of my room where I have made it a studio space, and start trying out new things. Though this distraction is of course only a momentary effect, but the relaxation I have gained during a painting session enables me to a clearer line of thought, which later helps them deal with ‘problems and help put them into perspective’. I get better ideas and hope for a better me.

Oh and not to forget, painting is my passion, but not only does it relieves stress when I am agitated but it helps me achieve a a positive state of mind, which you can call as “Flow”. Ah what? Well in short it is a state of mind which occurs when I am totally immersed in the activity with strong feelings of ‘involvement and focus.' You see in short, I really dont know what is happening out there, the loud TV, my mom scolding my sibling, and the honking of the cars at rush hour is something of the past, and the sounds do not disturb me as i am well focused and flowing with ideas.

And Flow

An incident I have to share: I still remember the early months of 2013, a lady would email me on and off asking queries about art, and how to go about it. Until I personally met her I just could not understand her. She broke down crying as she had lost her infant around a few months prior. What broke my heart was to see her in this situation, and moreover at this very moment I had two- one year old at my place right in front of her which made her feel it even more. I was helpless as much as she was. I asked her what would you like to start with? She said anything. What started as a therapy has now developed into passion. It was because she tried, and she tried with an open mind and positive energy to achieve something to keep her going. 

In general, it is very beneficial to set aside some time where you can do something simply for the purpose of self-enjoyment. While there are a number relaxing hobbies and pastimes to choose from the artistic pursuit of painting is certainly one which can be used to help you relax counter the stress which is caused by our hectic modern lifestyles. This has proven for me to be the best thing in my life.


If you have any ideas or queries feel free to post in the comment section or email me and I will get back to you promptly. Also please feel free to share what you do to take off your stress?

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  1. Nice...never thought to use painting as a distraction.