Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Never wake up to tea or coffee

The 4 principles of eating right
Standing in front of the mirror every morning, first thing on rising, Saba notices a small pimple in her T zone .Hmm  just PMS, she assures herself. Her eyes now start wondering and observing beyond her face. The chin is slightly double. She changes the angle that she is standing at and now faces the mirror again. ’My chin looks double from the side not from the front. She faces the mirror again. My boobs sag. My stomach is ok though. She takes a deep breath and tucks her tummy in; it looks dramatically better. Saba half smiles and pinches her stomach. She can feel the flesh in her palms. Not wanting to look down, she still does and says , ‘Yuck, its easily more than 3 inches of fat ‘.She now looks at her lower abs: this looks like a ring around my stomach, and now the hips ( squeezing her hips she thinks): this is how they should look even normally.
‘ I wish I had no stretch marks ‘.Goes down to the thighs, the outsides are ok ,the inside is just so…just so jiggly wiggly. ’Oh no I am so depressed!’

To bring about a difference in the way we look in the mirror ,we have to change what and when we eat. Endless scrutiny and critism  of this physical body will always lead us to move away from reality. To look leaner ,toned and healthy we just have to follow 4 basic principles of eating right. Today I am going to talk about principle 1.

Principle 1
Never wake up to tea or coffee.
Instead eat real food within 30 minutes of waking up.
When you sleep, your blood sugar levels drop in the night.(Babies always wake up in the night, crying, asking to be fed , right? They wake up when their blood sugar drops).In the morning our liver stores are almost empty. So our blood sugar is low and it’s our responsibility to bring this up to an optimum level . Low blood sugar is also also a reason why we feel ‘low’ in the morning. The body sometimes takes to wasting or breaking our muscles down to keep our sugar from dropping to abnormally low levels.Not a very good thing if you want to lose weight To be able to burn your fat effectively ,you have to train your body to preserve lean tissues (muscles) ; not to waste it by breaking it down into glucose to keep your sugar level up.What happens in the night is out of our control because we are sleeping, but when we wake up everything is in our control.So,to keep our body fat’s burning tissue (muscle)alive-we must eat.Eat real food.Something that will lead to a slow,steady increase in oor blood sugar levels,which facilitates our hungry cells to get the nutrients that it is craving for.
Tea and coffee do not fit the bill for many reasons.Any stimulant like tea or coffee, which has caffeine (in all varieties;with milk or without milk,with sugar or without sugar,white, green,purple , blue)and cigarettes jolt the system out of slumber.It increases the blood presseure,heart rate ,breathing rate and makes the body feel stressed or kicked.Sadly we mistake this for feeling awake.In reality, the body experiences stress because of the increase in its heart and breathing rate and will respond by hampering fat burning.
It’s important to remember all the times( while fighting with your spouse ,getting frustrated by traffic,overworking etc) that stress is the biggest enemy of an efficient digestive system and of the fat burning processes of the body.
In the morning, the heart and breathing rates are at its lowest as this is the reflection of a relaxed state of mind and body.To keep the system relaxed ,we need to give it real food,which is easy on the heart,stomach and lungs too.

The stimulants provided through tea and coffee increase blood sugar levels but provide zero nutrients to the cells that have baan starving for the last 9 to 10 hours or most,post dinner.Going hungry in the  morning is the disaster for anybody who dreams of a sexy body.All it does is create a huge calorie deficit in the morning and then the body has no other option but to over eat later to make up for the deficit.All of us who juust don’t feel like eating anything in the morning’ are the victims of a slow metabolic rate and of a digestive system which is not functioning effectively.Numerous studies have shown how a heavy breakfast can increase our metabolic rate.


  1. Very very good point Saba. Breakfast is something I reinforce in my household every single day....specially without tea! Can't wait to read the next principles!

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