Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Day I got Married.

Hello weekend morning everyone! Okay, here's a question. What are the few special days that you look forward to celebrating with your husband? We've got birthdays, religious festivals and family weddings, but none of them bring a husband and wife closer than celebrating the day when you swore to be together 'through life or death'.

Wedding anniversaries bring back the romance in every couple. They reminisces over the day when they first got stuck with each other. *wink* But we all love that one day when hubby spoils us to bits and showers us with presents and compliments!

So I caught up with some of our own members on how they spent their wedding anniversary this year.

Tahera Rizvi of our own UAE mums had her anniversary on March 12. Little did she know that she had a surprise waiting for her when she got home the day before.

Was this your first anniversary?
Nopes, 5th anniversary.... got married in 2009.

How did you spend your anniversary day?
Well, would say that the day started before midnight as all our close friends knew and were invited and I was the only person till almost end who didnt know until a friend came up with the cake and the gift my husband bought and handed over to him earlier!!
Had laughters and joy!! 
The next day....husband in office and me in mall..... 😃
Bought a present for him.... cooked dinner... had dinnner at home as v prefer outings over weekends.

So your husband planned the whole thing?

Wow...and how did that make you feel? That your husband actually planned the whole surprise party just for you, and he even got you a present.
Overwhelming joyous feeling...... didnt have idea about it.

Great! Thanks Tahera! 😊

Unoosha Saud is another member of our group UAE mums, and a good friend of mine. Her anniversary was on 1st January, but didn't exactly go as planned. She had a c-section delivery just a few days before.

So did you celebrate your wedding anniversary?
Well I delivered on 24th dec and anni was on 1st I had a c section so was in recovery phase but yes we did a lil celebration at home 😊 with our lil one.

Okay...and how did you celebrate it?
Well it was a lil celebration with family (my parents and in laws )the usual cake gift from hubby got S4 😃 and then dinner. On 31st night my husband brought cake n all next day my inlaws brought dinner at my moms place as after delivery I went to my mums house! We had such a big blessing with us tht we couldn't be happier on this anniversary! Alhumdulilah! 

Thank you unoosha!

Well the cake definitely looks yummy! Eeman has good taste in choosing cakes and Unoosha really had the time of her life then. :)

Like they say...everyday of our lives should be like our anniversary day. Celebrate love for all it's worth, you just may be the one of those few people who have it.

Till next week folks. Love ya all! xoxo