Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Glitz and Glamour of Dubai"

Who would have imagined a country with no history, a place where men use to wander in the desert, a place where living seemed impossible would emerge out of nowhere and today stands owning the tallest building in the world roaring its pride in the air and looking down with a flattered smile.
 Top view of Dubai

Excited to step on the desert sands I flew 1400 miles, my flight seemed really short as all I imagined was white thobe men and abaya covered women around me. I have always been an inquisitive girl and i love to travel knowing about the culture and tradition of the place but what actually surprised me about Dubai is the rapid shift between tradition and modernity. In few years the culture has shaped itself into a new living being. I was excited to see this land of Glitz and Glamour.

Beautiful architecture of Dubai

Welcome to Dubai- the flight doors opened and I rush pass the immigration and what is saw was a gleaming airport, who wouldn’t be stunned by its vastness. Stepping on to the sands felt like “that one small step” like Neil Armstrong both his and mine feeling would be the same he stepped on the moon and here I stand on a man made paradise. 

“Explore” “Explore” “Explore”- this land was my only thought. Zooming on the roads I look pass the huge buildings my eyes couldn’t reach its height, it was just a while and my neck gave up and I was forced to sit still but popping my eyes out at the marvellous architecture. Back in times Shah Jahan had ordered to cut off the hand of the person who built the wonder of the world “The Taj Mahal”- if it was a rule and the rulers of Dubai had to follow, it would have been a no hand land. Each building was unique, a beauty of its own. Skyscrapers monuments and minarets everything you see makes you speechless.

When my eyes finally got a break with a shrilling noise, only to look at the roads, what zoomed by was nothing but somewhat looked a sports car. Inquisitive to know what car it was at the traffic signal I popped my head out and saw a “Lambhorgini aventador”- that black and orange coupe beauty doing 0-100km/hr in just 2.9 sec in front of my eyes was being driven by finally I see white thobe man. I was wondering how does that 19-year-old kid own this fancy car. Back home I drive a two-wheeler my red and black not Aventador but “Honda aviator” serves my purpose. I would love to ride and own that fancy queen. Curious to know about these flying dragons the taxi driver a Pakistani pathan working in Dubai for 8 years now explained these babies are common on Dubai road i was even more shocked to know that the dubai police drives around “Lambhorgini”- “Ferrari”-“Bently” and my dream car “Aston martin”- this explains the glamour of Dubai – “Like a boss”. I have always imagined police driving around a black jeep with a red light crawling on roads to reach its destination popularly a pizza delivery guy is faster than the police but in Dubai the police doesn’t drive but fly.

Super cars on Dubai roads 

Information was hard to digest it was knowing too much in too little a time, but still excited to drop in to my hotel the Atlantis where kings have defied the natures law and built a castle. The entrance took me back to my childhood days of Disneyland. This beauty stands on the sea my imagination and head started to boggle on how this was possibly ever imagined. 

Atlantis The Palm Dubai

The glitz of Dubai was well noticed, a night at the Nasimi beach. Nightlife, that I dint, imagined the Emirati land would have. Partied like a rock star drunk in this richness and days later hopping on to the tallest building of mother earth. Up there felt as thought the world has been eaten up by the kingdom of Dubai- below this whole pomp and show there down stands a tiny individuals who has sweated, put in their best to build this 163 floor building, where have they disappeared?
The Worlds Tallest Building

Admiring and descending the tallest building in the world’s fastest elevator my thoughts seem to jumble I was in state of awe at the creation of this structure only to salute to the workers behind it the 21st century slaves who have built this land, helped the kings achieved their vision. Behind this Glitz and Glamour there hides a tear, a smile of that one person who has probably lifted the bricks to build this city that was never imagined off.
Dubai- a true manmade beauty!
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  1. Amazing! Makes me want to visit DUBAI <3

  2. Very beautifully written!!!! Looking to read more from you =)

  3. Beautiful. Was like Dubai being Reintroduced
    you made it more attractive. See you Dubaiiii

  4. Awesomee!! Very nicely written:)

  5. I have my beautiful memories connected with dubai n its people , and nw after how beautifully yoy have got us tempted about dubai and its lifestyle , it maes me want to visit dubai again !!!!! .... you have definitely defined Dubai in its best way !!

  6. I have my beautiful memories connected with dubai n its people , and nw after how beautifully yoy have got us tempted about dubai and its lifestyle , it maes me want to visit dubai again !!!!! .... you have definitely defined Dubai in its best way !!

  7. Lovely halima:) Dubai is depicted so well...Inshaa Allah ll plan a holiday there soon ;)

  8. Wow! I could very well picture Dubai while reading this article of yours. Coming from a gulf country myself I could relate to your views so well. You portrayed Dubai in a nutshell.Looking forward to read more of your works. :)

  9. Amazing .....very wel described .....

  10. fantastic post ! Dubai definitely seems to be a glamorous place and u have captured all its glamor beautifully ! iam now super keen to visit this place ..!

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