Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How do I encourage my child who is confident in certain areas but lacks confidence in trying out new activities.

With the summer holidays being left behind and both children and parents getting into the school routine, everyone seems to be struggling a bit. Just the same way we struggle to move that cozy quilt off us to get out of bed and start a new day. That is a one-minute struggle, but there are other cozy comfortable areas we have that we find difficult to break through.

Our children, who are back to school, now face many decisions they need to make like which extra-curricular activities to pursue and which to give up. Children tend to want to pursue those activities that are familiar and they have developed some sort of expertise in, and avoid those activities that are challenging and completely new – outside their comfort zone.

Today’s blog answers a question by a mum:
My child is confident in certain areas but lacks confidence in trying out new activities.

We will look at strategies to help your child understand how he is allowing his comfort zone to take over and what you as a parent can do to help him break out of it and try new activities without apprehension.

Help your child understand:

    1) The imbalance in confidence levels he/she feels. Explain to your child the reason he is generally confident in some areas is because of the positive beliefs he has formed in those areas. But he has also formed some negative beliefs that are holding him/her back from trying the new activity.

    2) That what is holding him/her back is their comfort zone. That they have become comfortable in a particular activity, become used to it so much that anything new is challenging and daunting. And that they would rather avoid something new and stay in the ‘known’ activity that has become familiar and easy for them.

    3) That the negative beliefs they have formed have originated from various sources like – friends, family, media and the environment. And not necessarily something that is theirs. And it is within their power to understand, know and break through those negative beliefs.

    4) Encourage your child to be bold and to take risks. That it is ok to fail as long as they have tried something outside the norm. Give your child permission to fail and explain that failure is the stepping-stone to success. Encouraging your child to take risks and allowing him to fail will eventually create risk-takers who will become young leaders in their school and community.

    5) Encourage your child to DECLARE their dream!
Get your child to make a Vision Board that is a visual reminder of their goals and dreams, which should be put up on the wall where he can see it and connect with on a daily basis. Talk to your child about his dreams so that he continues to feel motivated and inspired to take action on a daily basis towards it.

Action: Help your child understand WHY they are lacking confidence in a particular area, what is the negative belief holding them back and to BREAK IT!
Sunaina Vohra                       
Youth & Family Life Coach
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