Sunday, 31 August 2014

Calling out to Moms of Boys

I had a daughter and that was wonderful, so when I learned I was expecting again, by human nature I hoped it would be a boy. And it was. But subsequently I kept having boys until I ended up with a strapping brood of five ranging from ages 2 to 12. Along the way there were some truths I uncovered, about how boys are different from girls. Here are a few of them from my perspective:

1. Feeling Blue: Maybe it's the way the baby clothes are marketed, but even when the boys begin to develop their own fashion sense, there is just no way pink will make its way into their wardrobe. I say "Boy's don't you know pink is the new black?" As if they really care. So its basically a sea of blue.

2. Weapons Cache: No matter how anti violence a stance I take, somehow these water guns and plastic guns, and swords and a host of other 'cool' toys meant for the destruction of 'bad guys' will make their way into the toy box. Doll and tea sets....not in my dreams.

3. What quiet? If they're up it will be noisy, I was in denial in the beginning, even doubting their sanity or mine, but then I came to realize that it's just the way it's going to be. It's crazy loud, and play time exists even during work time. From the second they wake till the second they fall into bed all tired, it's quiet a jungle.

4. Super Hero Obsessions: Kids know about Superman and all the other 'mans' and they love the whole idea, at least till the age of ten. It kind of fades out after that, but don't think that they won't want to catch the next cartoon just because they know it's for kids.

5. Straightforwardness: Here is something about boys: for the most part it's pretty easy to read them. It's a neat equation with no variables. They get hurt, or bugged at something, they look sad, you ask them and they tell you. Unlike girls, having 2 younger sisters myself and a daughter and being one myself, they are more tricky to read and can give you quite a tough time to get at the crux of the matter.

But here is something that is a universal truth be it a bunch of boys or a bunch of girls: They all need lots of love and hugs and reassurances that it's going to be all right.

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