Sunday, 21 September 2014

Did Your Child Land a Good Teacher

It's no secret that we all want out kids to land good teachers, we all know the heart ache that goes with dealing with a teacher who is unprofessional and does not get along with our child. I'm sure we have all at some point dealt with such teachers and it is no easy task. Things begin to become apparent as soon as kids start school, especially in the primary section. And young kids need more nurturing than older children (even though a 'bad' teacher can really effect children of any age). I haven't met the teachers of my kids but you get a general idea by the attitude of the children and the work they bring home. Here is what I've come to learn about exemplary teachers:

1. Good demeanor: Obviously the first impressions we make when meeting someone for the first time play in an important role in how we perceive them. This can change, but mainly it matters if the the teacher is kind, soft spoken and focuses on your child rather than herself as do so many teachers I have met.

2. Individualizing the student: Some teachers take their job to be just that- a job. But a truly good teacher recognizes the individuality of your child. You can see this when your child brings home remarks that truly reflects his work, this may involve healthy criticism. Most kids will usually bring home stars and smiley faces, but it takes a special type of teacher to remark upon an issue she sees fit to involve you in, be it behavioral or academic- and to do it in a professional and unbiased manner.

3. Incorrect checking: It really disturbs me to see a mistake my child has done which has been corrected. Or to overlook mistakes, late checking, sending homework in the diary but no corresponding books. I understand teachers are humans too, but I have seen it happen on a regular basis. It hurts me. Equally disturbing is incorrect use of grammar. It is very upsetting to me when this happens.

4. Attitude of the child: Perhaps this will be the biggest testator to the teacher, the fact that your child speaks of her in high esteem, and is excited to go to school and gradually develops a positive attitude towards academic achievement.

This post is not about the attributes of good teachers, rather it is about how you can get a feel if you've landed the jack pot this year! Well have you?


  1. Truly happy to have an efficient and kind teacher. My daughter has just good words to say about her.

  2. You are indeed very lucky. Good for you and your daughter!