Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Is that you: Years Later?

For today I take a pen and write a small story,
An old lady got up and saw the morning glory!
Her hands were shivering and eyesight was poor,
She could be on the deathbed soon was her fear.
She had a Smartphone, and Watsapp of course,
Connecting with the world; that was her only source.
She had many groups and she was active,
With a message tone she use to get enthusiastic.

Hands so weak she chatted with her friends,
Feeble eyesight with high power lens
She was born in an age; where technology was at its rage.
She use to hear her mother say,
That they spoke face to face-
She used to say “Mom! Gone are those days!

She was a techie and loved the gadgets,
Did no harm? But individuals got settled in their own brackets.
Buzzing fuzzing on social media went on,
Days went by, her daughter’s daughter was born.
Apple and Samsung increased their size,
With newer software and cost an arm and a leg price.

Friends still chatting and they never met,
Coz days flew by, but they were busy in credit and debt.
Earned a lot of money, now they all are big,
Youth went down the drilling rig.

“We should catch up soon”every morning the same message,
A yes shows up as a sure presage.
70 years of age she still replies a "Yes",
She is so rich but her only distress;
That she has ignored her family and friends
She is scared that her life will end.
She thinks to herself that if Technology wouldn’t pervade
She would spend that all she has and celebrate
She would meet in person and not on media
Or multimedia-
Meet her family
Meet her friends
She would make that Yes a Yes before her life ends.

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