Thursday, 20 February 2014

Untold stories

What does " untold stories" suggest to you?

To me it sounded like something hidden, something out of the past. Out of curiosity, I cancelled all my meetings and headed down to the heart of Sharjah on 19th Feb, 2014. 

Walking past the long corridor towards the East Wing situated in the Sharjah Art Museum, there was a crowd anxiously waiting for the exhibition to open. Finally when walking past the stores unfolded to the various hidden treasures every artist had to share. 

Now my turn to reveal some to you :)

Mahmoud Abbod
One of my favorite artists and a teacher to me some years back. He loves impression style and one can see it reflect in this works

Rashid Al Mulla
Loves to bring about art in products which are usually wasted. Have a look closely, they are cosmetic boxes :)

Majida Nasreddin

Khawla Darwish
An Emarati artist who has used the chair as her object. This chair is very dear to her as she sat on it for months at her fathers side before he passed away

Abdulqader Al-Mubarak : Color Spaces

Khalil Abdul Wahid
This was my most favorite as he has framed used things out of artist belongings

Ahmed Mater

Huda Saeed: Almond Beats

Patricia Millns: Silent Stories, created by paper tea bags, found and constructed objects
 These were my favorite few. The exhibition has over 20 artists displaying their art works. Do visit with your family and educate life beyond culture and beliefs.

FYI, the Sharjah Art museum is located near Rolla bank street and is open from Sat - Thu 8am - 8pm; Fri 4pm - 8pm. It is free entry.

Do visit and educate your families more about the contemporary art scene