Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to talk Positively to Kids

We all know how encouragement is good for the kids, how we should be kind and respectful to them, how we should motivate them when they are down and provide unconditional support. These things are perhaps hard wired into our biological makeup. But I find that I am constantly faltering, even though the intent is always there to follow through on all the above and beyond.

Some pointers to inspire you:

When speaking generally three things are noticed to varying degree, your tone, your body language and

finally your actual words and you'll be surprised by the general ratios in which they are taken into account as you can see on the left.

So firstly keep your body language open, maintain eye contact and drop all other activities. Secondly, don't have a condescending tone of voice, kids can detect sincerity or lack thereof. Lastly use your words carefully, we all know once they get out, they can't be taken back.

Below is the most beautiful chart to inspire you on how to start a conversation or engage in one with gentleness and positivity.

I hope this little post has been helpful. I find myself going through this chart sometimes, and it really does work and doesn't take up any time or money. In all fairness, I didn't write much myself on this one, but I myself learnt a lot when I was doing my research. Let me know about more positive communication tactics that you have picked up.

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