Sunday, 3 August 2014

Confessions of an Over-Stressed Mom

I thought of doing something on a lighter note this week, and yet I think most mothers will be able to relate. I mean as mothers we are always trying to nurture our kids and balance out lives whether we are home makers or working moms. But we all have our little quirks....those little stolen bits of...dare I say selfishness? I mean are we not primarily human beings? Mommies have feelings too...we are not infallible are we? So without further ado, a few of my confessions:

1. I do yell. Even though my primary goal is to never yell and never ever get sarcastic, I still do. I've even joined anti yelling facebook group where parents motivate each other to maintain peace in the house but those "OMG I want to bang my head against the wall" sometimes (note the sometimes- I am getting better) get the better of me,

2. I'm a tea lover, but often times I make a cup and forget about it due to an apparent 'emergency' elsewhere in the house. So I sneak into the kitchen when no one notices and have my tea. 

3. Will someone come and take my brood of 6 off my hands for second? Ok.. an entire day? Preferably immediate family, can't ever be too careful so there is that. I need a break every now and then and I don't get it. 

4. This one is actually a tip and confession in one. I don't like filling up the kids with medicines, even panadol. And so with the initial complaints of a headache or tummy ache I just apply a balm or a wet compress and convince them this is the best thing, guess what? This placebo effect actually works 85% of the time. Sometimes for the younger 3 a soothing little kiss will do it. Of course if things escalate then it's off to the doc.

5. Okay, I'm not proud of it, but when things are just not going the way they should and everything is crumbling around me, anything can literally tip me right over the edge. Very rarely I break down crying all frustrated. Time sort of stands still till the kids grasp what's going on. I don't like it, but it happens on occasion.

6. Remember those annoying habits your lovely mom had? Her one liner which was forever on the tip of her tongue whenever you stepped out of line or her course of action whenever you defied her and you thought that if you ever become a mother you'd never do that...yeah...I do that. Sniff sniff. I so get where she was coming from now. I don't say that is necessarily a good thing though.

7. Sometimes the kids are raving or ranting about something so fervently and by all intent and purposes they think I'm giving them my undivided attention, what with my 'I sees' and 'ahans' but my mind is a million miles away thinking about what to cook the next day or what in the world that stain on the wall is. Was it always there? I know, not good!

8. This one makes me think I'm a little bonkers, because I can't wait for bed time for some semblance of peace, but as soon as the kids are all asleep I want it to be morning so that I can hear their fun frolicking. Never satisfied, that's me! 

9. Sometimes I keep the drumstick for myself. There, I said it.

10. I think I am overly sensitive to the way my kids behave in public be it the mall or a relatives's house. It keeps me on edge. I don't know why but it stresses me to think that heaven forbid they should actually get up from the allocated chair. They're a good bunch though and don't cause trouble for the most part. And I get it. But that's me.

Do you moms out there have any confessions? Come on let us know.

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