Monday, 13 October 2014

Highlighter - Make Your Skin Glow !

Women want that GLOW – Highlighter as you can well understand by its name will accentuate certain features on your face. A highlighter will give your face a balanced reflective dewy finish BUT not a loud, over-glossy one so it’s important to know how it should be used to get that right amount of twinkle.

Highlighters come in different options – powders, creams and liquid. You have to find a highlighter that suits your specific skin tone and that it looks natural. Simply swipe your highlighter as one of the last steps of your makeup application and then blend. 

Easy Peasy !

Choosing the Right Highlighter - 

First Find The Right Shade

Fair Skin – Pinkish Tone
Medium Skin – Champagne Tone
Dark Skin – Bronze Tone

Second Find Your Skin Type

Powder Highlighters - Can be used on all skin-types.
Cream & Liquid Highlighters are preferred to use on normal to dry skin. If your skin is oily use a powder highlighter over a cream highlighter to avoid looking overly shiny.

Areas of your face where you can use the highlighter -

Cheekbones - You can make your cheekbones look really dramatic by highlighting the ridges of your cheekbones.

Eyes - If you apply highlighter underneath eyebrows, small eyes look larger and if it’s applied immediately above your iris, it gives a popped up eyelid. If you highlight your entire eyelid, that gives your eyes a soft charming effect.

Dark circles - Using highlighters on your eyes innermost corners can freshen up your looks by hiding your dark circles.

Nose - Applying highlighter on your nose bridge will make it look slender. For those who have a narrow nose, application of highlighter on the nose tip, will make nose look a little short and wider.

Lips - Highlighting of the Cupid’s bow will make your lips look fuller and luscious.

My top 5 picks –

Benefits Watts Up!
Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination Highlighter
Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder
Urban Decay Naked Flushed
MAC Soft & Gentle

Remember to blend the highlighter thoroughly and never ever overdo it. It’s meant for offering a soft subtle gleam to your face and not an non-natural metallic gloss.

Highlighting draws attention to that specific area, don’t put it on any uneven textures of skin, large pores or pimples as it will only enhance those areas!

Until next - Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

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