Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How can we improve our relationships during Diwali?

During Diwali we spring clean our homes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. So all the dirt, cobwebs and old things are taken out and discarded. We refresh and clean and then we buy new clothes, new and fresh things for the house.
So in the same way we must use this beautiful festival of Diwali to do the same with our relationships. Use the festive time to freshen our relationships by removing the past negativity.

However, relationships are more complicated and EGO plays a very big role in hindering us from improving our relations.
Ego is a very tough thing and one of the reasons for relationships to go sour. But if you realize that ego is the stale smelly old food in the fridge – that will not only smell, but it will also pass on the bacteria and rot the other foods causing the whole house to become sick and infected. You will realize how you can use this Diwali season to not only clear the rotting food items, old clothes, disinfect the house, but the house we all have INSIDE ourselves – our feelings and emotions. It is so important to get rid of those negative feelings, emotions that are only causing sickness in our relationships and family and clear them out by LETTING GO & FORGIVING.

When you forgive – you need to focus on letting go and forgiving the particular incident. Forgiving is an act of healing oneself – you do not have to go and say ok I forgive you. When you let go of the hot coal of anger and negative emotion – you will automatically realize how miserably you were living while holding onto it. When you are constantly replaying a negative scene in your mind, you are physically and emotionally hurting yourself. And when you look at that event once and for all and come to terms with it, how it actually happened and let go of the desire of how you wanted it to happen, you can then let it go more easily. 

The festive season is the easiest, because you have the excuse of going across to wish someone for the festive season! You can just wish them good wishes and allow bygones be bygones and there is no need for conversation around the past. So you can manage to circumvent and fool your ego. By forgiving, you are allowing the staleness to go – heal yourself – and allow freshness to come back into your relationships. So just get dressed and take your children, family with you and go and wish your neighbour or your friend or your relative whom you love, but in the middle you have allowed ego and hurt to form a barrier.

When you truly work on your own negative emotions you will see that you will only attract positivity in your life.

Remember one small lamp can banish the darkness. Work on lighting your inner light and see the darkness disappear.


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