Saturday, 11 October 2014

Makeup and Skin Care...When is Young too Young

Let's face it, it just isn't the same world it once was. Whether it be the media, both internet related (social media, bombardment of information) or glossy magazines, to bill boards to ads on seemingly harmless TV shows, every which way we look is your stereotypical stick thin image of young girls personifying what should be deemed as universal beauty. Often than not our young girls, and even boys fall prey to this type of negative branding. It's all about who looks the best. Whereas I am a firm believer of looking your very best, being a mother of a young teen daughter, it became an issue for me to think about what was best for my daughter in terms of when I should I allow her to use makeup or skin care. At that age, skin is already very delicate, but certain factors, which I will discuss below led me to a decision which both of us were finally comfortable with.

1. Personal level of comfortability: Being a mother of a teen aged daughter, many times I have had to re-evaluate my personal level of comfortabilty to keep in touch with her feelings and the society we live in. If it were up to me I wouldn't allow makeup till the age of 16, even then just a hint of lip gloss and eye pencil, maybe mascara. But let's face it, these days girls are using makeup as young as 10 or 12. It is sad that they have to revert to makeup to feel pretty at such a young age. It's the age of innocence, But back to me, I had a chat with her and we both felt a little gloss and eye kajal would be fine by the age of 14, upgrade to mascara by 15 and maybe talk concealer or powders after 16. 

2. Quality of products: Ladies much of what is available in the market today is of a much better quality is was when we were young. Teens and pre teens get acne, and there are skin products to help with that and I believe in taking care of your skin as early as possible...especially if there are options out there to help with any issue, and it's no different with my daughter. I let her use your over the counter cream if she has dry patches, she uses a good face wash, and even uses hand cream after helping with the dishes. The least we can do then, is put in a little effort to use what we think won't have harmful effects on young skin.

3. Encouraging positive body image: As a mother I have to constantly remind all my children that they are beautiful the way they are. Makeup and skin care should be a tool only to enhance your features, not change them. And as a mother it is very important to impart the importance of being beautiful on the inside. This is a hard concept for young teens to grasp, but being the role model is part of the job. Kids today are under tremendous pressure from their peers and media. It's no wonder we hear about so many psychological issues like body image and eating disorders, it's sad and revolting. But you can do something about it. You can educate your children about being healthy and kind, everything else follows.

It all comes down to open communication and personal preference, but I would still advise that on this matter and any other, keep and open mind and take all the factors in to account. Especially listen to where your kid is coming from. You'll have a more manageable and  appreciative, not to mention a happy teenager (you do have fleeting moments of those too).


  1. Perfect Rahima!! A must read for all the mothers whose daughters are growing, we really need to understand and make them understand such points 😊

  2. Great Post Raheema!

  3. Superb.i think stay away frm makeup ax much as u can can.becoz there is no beauty better than innocence

    1. I understand what you are saying. Thanks for the comment Zainab.