Monday, 2 June 2014

Elbows And Knees - Protection

With summers already in UAE, it’s vital to pay attention to how we protect our skin from sun exposure. Even though, you may follow a routine beauty care regimen, you may tend to forget about your knees and elbows which are prone to develop pigmentation, dry, flaky skin and dark spots.

Sun exposure without any protection can turn your knees and elbows darker and these areas get darker rather fast, as compared to other body parts. This is mainly caused due to accumulation of dead cells on the skin. The build-up of thick and dead skin formed by the friction or pressure in elbows or knees or in ankles causes the skin to turn black. Leaning onto the table using the elbows or kneeling down while you offer prayers can make the skin look dark. It is really embarrassing for women to wear short skirts or sleeveless dresses with black knees and elbows and it can happen to anyone regardless their skin color. You can easily get rid of these dark knees and elbows using various home remedies which should be based on exfoliation and bleaching of the skin.

Home Remedies

Lemon is known as the best natural skin whitener. For best results rub a slice of lemon on the darker areas leaving the juice on for 10-15. You can also add some sugar for a good scrub.

Natural oils like Olive, Castor and Mustard oil can also be used as remedies to fight dark spots. They provide the skin with Vitamin A, B and E and these vitamins restore the natural color and health of the skin on the elbows and knees. Simply massage any of these oils for 5-10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Gram flour can cleanse the area and also provides mild exfoliation. Mixing it with Lemon is a natural bleach and this will help to reduce the darkness.

Baking soda and milk paste used as a scrub gives good results and should be repeated every 2 days.

Aloe Vera gel moisturizes the skin and prevents the dryness which may lead to darkening of the skin. Leaving it on the skin for 30 minutes will get you a fresh looking skin.

Make a practice of using a Moisturizer daily as it hydrates the skin thus avoiding dryness and preventing darkening of the skin. Apply good quality moisturizer after having shower to keep your skin fresh and supple. Also Exfoliating brush is often used to remove dead cells from the knee and elbow while bathing. This should be used on moist skin as dry will lead to bruises and bleeding. Make Sunscreen application part of your morning routine. Although it’s specially important during the sunny summer months, harmful UV rays are present even when it's cloudy or raining, so your should wear sunscreen all year round.

Until next – Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

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