Monday, 2 June 2014

I am in shape; round IS a shape

We are the generation of ironic behavior. Don't we all keep telling each other that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, it lies in the eyes of the beholder and one should be beautiful from inside and not outside? Yet, we are the ones who pass judgments on others who are not the same dress size as us.

I won’t deny it; I often find myself a victim of such brain conditioning as well. Suffice to say, we are our best enemies and our worst nightmares.

Whatever happened to simplicity and modesty over the years?

Why did a need arise for a ‘Selfie Culture’?

Why are we so insecure about our looks?

All these questions bother me on a daily basis because deep down inside I know what I look like will hold no precedence over what others think about me.

Is it the media that should be blamed for brainwashing us or should we hold our own lack of intellect responsible for such stupendous absurdities?

It’s high time we either start practicing what we preach or stop selling the lie.

So, what is it going to be? 

The intelligent and most obvious answer would be ‘If we all were supposed to look alike, we would have never been divided into casts, creeds, color, shape, size, ethnicity, cultures, races, religion etc in the first place’ and THAT’S a fact.

There is no denying the benefits and necessity of healthy living but looking like a walking bamboo shoot should not be our life’s goal. So what if you don’t look like a Barbie doll because even if you did, can you guarantee there is a Ken waiting for you?
What kind of a role model does that make us if we cannot differentiate between the rights and wrongs ourselves?

Anorexia is a real threat and a growing problem people. Don’t think your toddler does not notice your self induced up-chucking down the drain and don’t be surprised if your daughter grows up with a dream of becoming a self-obsessed, skeleton looking fashion model, remember, you conditioned her to think that way.

With the way social media is replacing real life experiences and becoming such an integral part of our lives, it will not come as a shock if our next generation will all look like an army of cloned clowns. After all, after anorexia, Botox is the next in thing.

Please, be confident in who you are and what you look like. Don’t let your shape pull you down and make you feel like an outsider in your own skin. It doesn't really matter if you are 45 kilos or 450 pounds. You are beautiful because that’s who you are. As long as there are no health issues or risks, be free of this pseudo mind set.

Be yourself – Be Beautiful.


Tabia Ali Khan

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  1. Good piece of work tabia....
    Very true...we need to love ourself
    Rest will follow