Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beating the summer heat

UAE is known for it's blazing summers. The sizzling heat that can literally cook a broken egg on your head within seconds. The hospitals teaming with cases of dehydration. Heatwave so strong that sometimes aircondition fails to work. Cars getting window cracks while parked under the direct sunlight a bit longer than necessary. Having a soaked shirt while making that 1 minute run from your apartment to your vehicle. The list is endless yet it is no reason to give up on your fitness regime. 

How to beat the heat? Its quite simple actually. Follow these pointers and make your summer fitness enjoyable and fun:

1. Run outside at dawn. Despite what you think, it's quite pleasent that early in the morning.

2. A 30 min cardio workout in your own drawing room is always a good way to kick it.

3. Summer heat naturally urges your body to loose those extra accumulated winter pounds so binge on water and fresh juices and see those inches sliding away.

4. Have a good night's sleep to regenerate those damaged tissues in your body and have an early start to boost your metabolism. 

5. Water sports and activities will whip you in shape in no time and develop some seriously gorgeous muscle formation in your body.

6. Last but not the least, summer time means lots of fruits and leafy green vegetables. Take advantage of it and enjoy garden salads whenever wherever. 

In short,  summer is your best option to get back in shape if only you give it a chance. 

Happy Holidays Everyone



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