Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Stop gossiping, start exercising

Women love to gossip, it's a universal truth. We never tire of it. We never get bored with it. We never run out of topics and we never seem to have enough ears for it. However, if the amount of time and energy we invest in gossip was utilised in exercising, no woman would ever complain about weight issues.

Gossip is inversely propotional to productivity.  The more you discuss what's going on in another's household,  the less likely you are to manage your own.

Now, if only you and I were to spend the same amount of energy on a treadmill,  wouldn't that be more productive and result oriented?

So, if you are a gossip monger whose whole life revolves around chatting up a storm. If you are that person who loves to know everything about everyone.  If your day doesn't shine bright till you haven't unloaded your fair share on your bestie, then this is the best opportunity for you to be active. 

Get your pal to accompany you to your local gym. Chances are, your workouts will be so entertaining that you wouldn't even realize you even did it.

All those tedious hours of work out can be so much more fun if you have your personal motivation factor with you. If you don't have a workout buddy then try connecting with people who are already there.

Instead of asking your friends that typical question 'what are you cooking today?' Change it to 'what is our work out schedule today?'

Life is a blessing.  Don't waste it on mindless bickerings and senseless talks.  Make it as productive as possible.  Be innovative and squeeze fitness in your daily routines as and when you can.

Happy exercising people



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