Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Surviving Airplane Rides

Given that we are all expats here in the UAE, we ought to visit our hometowns regularly. So that means traveling with babies and infants on long, tiring and annoying rides. In order to make our flight as smooth and stress-free as possible here’s a checklist that I came up with -based on my experience in travelling alone with a baby- of what to pack and do:

What to do:

My baby enjoying the view.
Book the front seat: Try to book a seat in the first row, just behind the business section. Why? More leg room and flexibility in moving around the plane. On FlyDubai the booking costed 100 Dhs but it was worth the pay!
If your baby is still a newborn, a bassinet would help. I personally tried the one on Emirates Airlines, and my baby slept for like one hour in it.

Go Comfy: It’s not a wedding okay, so no need for the high heels and classy clothes. Just go in comfy sneakers or sandals -whatever you feel comfy in- a sweater and sports pants maybe.

Relax: It’s important to stay relaxed the whole time. It’s not easy for the baby to go through the intense change of pressure in the plane; he will cry while landing and takeoff most probably and even during the flight!

Consider using a baby carrier: There might be a long walking distance from the airplane to the airport before you retrieve your stroller back, using a baby carrier (What I like to call the Kangaroo) would be of great relief.

Eat: Yes, you must seize every opportunity where your baby is sleeping to eat. It's a tiring long ride and you need the energy! Preferably pack your own snacks and treats, also try to constantly sip on a bottle of water for hydration. 

Basically, try to minimize what you are holding in hand. So a cross bag for your personal belongings and passports and your baby’s diaper bag. Only.

What to pack:

Diapers: Of course. Pack as much diapers as you can because you never know if the flight will delay or you’ll get stuck waiting for your luggage for two hours (true story).I packed around 6 diapers with me for a 4 hour flight -Better come prepared than end up sorry.

Change: 2 baby changes and bibs. Go with sleep suits they are the most practical, and if you wish to dress your baby up in other clothes for your family to see, just change his clothes before landing. Voila.

Toys: My diaper bag had around 6 different flashy and musical toys, no one enters a warzone without bullets!

Water: The airplane’s atmosphere is dry and the baby would feel thirsty, don’t forget to pack his bottle of water. Of cores you must pack the formula or just yourself if you breastfeed ;)

Pacifier: If your baby takes a pacifier, make sure to take more than one. Also don’t forget to hand him the pacifier or thumb during landing, it will help reduce his ear irritation due to change of pressure.

Medicine: Pack with you Adol or Panadol, you never know. A thermometer as well.

Jacket/blanket: It would be cold in the airplane and the airport so make sure your baby is warm enough.

Oh and don’t forget to take a picture of your baby with the captain!
A beautiful first-flight souvenir! 


  1. take a picture with the captain.. lol before you even think about it they will disembark you from the plane!

    1. No dear, as you can see I took a pic of my child with the captain. Why do u say so?

    habibi jihado <3 <3

  3. Very interesting blog. I travel often with my young ones and completely agree with everything you wrote down. Its a tension-filled time but could be made easier if simple rules are followed.