Saturday, 24 May 2014

Building Responsibility in Children

I believe that in every blog post I've written, some general commonalities have been repeated due to the nature of such things such as stressing the importance of being a role model for your child, assigning responsibilities and such. When I see parents lamenting about insolent children in public, I can't help but think that it can't be the fault of the children completely. After all, the values you instill in your child will live on in him after you are long gone. What more do you, as a parent really desire? I know what I want, a socially responsible and aware child who grows up to become independent and is able to make educated decisions in life. These are after all, vital survival skills that will help your child in the future. 

The fact that parents play a mighty role in this mission is a fact, but I'd like to share some of my views as to how I have been trying to work towards this goal. There will always be stumbles and hurdles, but with persistence you can make an immense impression.

1. Be the role model: This is perhaps my most redundant expression. If you don't want your kids to lie, don't lie to them, if you don't want them to take the easy way out, you have to show them the value of hard work. 

2. Don't over indulge: Children should not be under estimated, they have profound thinking skills and come to conclusions just like we adults do. Life often throws us curve balls, and the sad truth is we can not always prevent the impact. So from early on, don't spoil your children. It's so difficult sometimes, such is the love we have for our kids. We want to give them everything under the sun. But in the midst of the providing, just make sure you don't cross the line where they are unable to realize the worth of a penny.

3. Faith: Obviously faith is a guiding compass in itself. All the guidelines of living in a proper and decent manner are outlined and we pass on these beliefs to our children. If you teach the essence of these guidelines into the children, their destination will be apparent even if the path is winding.

4. Responsibility and Accountability: As the words imply, even young children are able to do small tasks. Assign age appropriate tasks, make them fun, and then take accountability by following up. The older the child, the more intricate the tasks and accountability. It is when they know you will not be asking about the task in hand is when they start to get sneaky.

5. Unconditional Love and Tolerance: Do not compare, demean or insult your child. If you do, fess up and apologize. Let them know that through the ups and downs in life, they are in your heart. Teach them to be kind to animals, even plants. Teach them that bullying and violence is not alright. 

6. Extended Support: Most schools will teach a bunch of social norms and mannerisms to the kids. When they are taught the same at home, it further clarifies these concepts. 

You are key to your child's personality development and your children will keep deriving inspiration from you even when they say you do not understand them. These are delicate little minds that you need to cultivate into beautiful human beings.