Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wrinkles - An Aging Issue

My friend when fixing herself up in front of the mirror suddenly gave a stunned look and turned around to confirm if I can notice those lines near her lips. She looked at the mirror again trying to conceal them - " Oh no I'm getting old, I've got WRINKLES ! " , she cried.

For women who care about their looks, aging can sometimes be depressing because it in fact makes you look old. When wrinkles start to appear, the best approach to combat it, is to prevent them from progressing and look younger and better.

Hydrating is the key. Many studies reveal that those with dryer skin are more likely to develop wrinkles. Creases are formed easily on dry skin thus causing loss of elasticity which makes the lines become more visible, forming into wrinkles. For those who have dry skin, moisturizing can help the trouble. It can be provided by using hydrating creams, oils and lotions. One of the best & natural way of hydrating your skin is by drinking lots of water.

Keep away from wrinkle triggers. Cigarettes, sun & pollution are the main culprits that are accountable for forming wrinkles. When you smoke, toxins deposit in the skin destroying its natural layer leading to lose its natural smoothness and softness. The UV rays of the sun damages the skin and the solution is to use a sunscreen before going out. Pollution contributes to destroy the normal cells thus leading to lines becoming permanent and appear as wrinkles.

Have a good sleep. When you sleep less it leads to tired eyes, giving more pressure on your eye muscles causing sagging and puffiness around the eyes. Sleeping on time with the right number of hours keep your muscles rested and less prone to wrinkles.

Modern Solutions. You can reduce wrinkles with approved and modern applications for example Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy. Retinol promotes regeneration of newer and younger cells while Alpha Hydroxy causes the outer part of the skin to slough off. They help to replace the weak with stronger skin cells & reveal younger skin cells which are firmer and with less lines.

Dermatological Treatments. At an advanced stage Botox is an answer which helps to lift the face instantly. It is injected when the gap between the skin and muscle is greater.
Laser therapies also work best in promoting growth of newer & younger cells. Always consult a professional for this treatment after thorough analysis.

There is nothing wrong with looking beautiful or wanting to look young , but there is a danger in relying too much on creams, injections or surgeries. With thousands of anti-aging cosmetics available easily , you sometimes get confused till you find your favourite brand or something that suits your skin. But do these solutions really stop you from aging ? If you ask beauty and health experts, beauty is purely skin deep. No matter how much you take care of your skin, when you take your health for granted you will only be spending a lot without really achieving better results. You don’t address an issue such as wrinkles by simply covering it up - give it a healthy alternative. Trust me , your life will be less stressful !

By eating the right food, you get loads of nutrients that directly go into the skin. You can ditch those anti aging creams and switch to the best solution which is to eat healthy.

The types of food you need to indulge to prevent aging are those that are rich antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that make your cells in the body function poorly and make them decline. As you grow old, the free radicals increase which are responsible in making you weak and easily get tired.

I have compiled some foods that are not only rich in antioxidants but are appetizing too -

All types of berries. These may be strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. They have the maximum content of Vitamin C that works in collagen production which is the main component of the skin making it firm and elastic. When you maintain the collagen, your skin will less likely sag and wrinkle.

Pineapples. The antioxidant found in pineapples are beneficial for the skin making it glow & also helps in prevention of certain types of skin cancers.

Green tea. It not only helps to remove the damaging toxins from your body but also promotes vibrant skin.

Sunflower Seeds. The Vitamin E found in sunflower seeds helps repair damage and maintain a smooth skin.

On the whole, any food that contains antioxidants are best for your skin. Manage your diet, boost your body with antioxidants and you will be living a beautiful you !

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  1. Thats a good article Shazia. Im sure following those tips can greatly reduce wrinkles.