Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Favorite Baby Essentials

As I was expecting my baby, I searched the web for newborn must haves and landed on many lists. So I decided to set up my own list of top baby products:

Boppy Pillow: This pillow is genius. I used to sleep on it when I was pregnant, helped me support my arms while nursing, served as a soft back support for my newborn and I’m still using it now to protect my 7-month-old baby while sitting from bumping his head to the floor. I bought mine from Baby Shop and customized a cover for it.

Breastfeeding friendly tops: If you decided to breastfeed, you’ll have to ditch most of your tops for convenience. Make sure to have a couple of (many) breastfeeding friendly tops.  H & M, Mamas and Papas and Destination Maternity have some great ones in various styles, models and colors.

Stylish Diaper Bag: It’s obvious that you must buy a diaper bag, however bear in mind that this bag will be your purse. Try to invest in one that you feel comfortable in holding and strolling around the mall, I found some really pretty ones at Bumble Bee shop.

Baby center App: I just love this application! I’ve been following the growth of my baby since he was a 7-week-old fetus and still am reading about his each month’s milestone. I’m also registered in their email service and receive informative emails about topics related to my baby’s age. Highly recommended!

Drawer Organizers: I really was having a hard time organizing my baby's drawer, the pieces are tiny and it's impossible to sack them up together in a neat way! Then I found these inexpensive separators from IKEA. The drawers are much tidier now and it's easier to pick up and spot any piece I need!

Sleep suits: The easiest and most convenient clothes to put your baby in are the one piece cotton sleep suits and the best are the ones with a zipper. Myself I was eager to dress my baby in jeans and sportswear, and I did. No it wasn’t as easy but I just loved how he looked so tiny in big boy clothes! Remember, your baby your rules ;)

Baby Book: Baby books are great for documenting your baby's life, search for a creatively designed one and it will surely last as a great memory.

A Good Baby shampoo: I personally use Mustela specifically the one for curing cradle caps. My baby’s cap was awful but disappeared when he was around 3 months. (By the way, olive oil is also a great treatment for skin issues). 

Rocking Chair: I know not all of you can purchase one, but having a rocking chair is a bliss. It enhances the bonding experience and the rocking motion actually soothes the baby. I purchased mine from Toys R Us and planning to redecorate it soon! -DIY pimp your glider. 


  1. Those tips are very useful and practical! Just one question...Ive been looking for baby books everywhere. Havent found a decent one yet. Where do you suppose i can find a good one?

  2. Well there's Kinokunya,it has the widest variety, try Early Learning center and Toy Store as well :)