Monday, 3 November 2014

Managing Curly Hair

Having straight or curly hair style is a never ending conflict since years as women with curly hair want to have straight hair and women with straight hair want curly !

No matter what hair type or style you have, it needs proper care and maintenance. 
Here are some tips and tricks on ways how to handle curly hair and if followed devotedly you will be happy to flaunt your curly hair and not dream of otherwise straight hair.

One of the most important tip is to MOISTURIZE. Curly hair has a tendency to lose moisture very quickly so make sure to leave in conditioner at least for 4-5 minutes before rinsing off after shampooing. Using oil and hair masks before shampoo also makes a lot of difference to keep the hair smooth. Working through the hair strands and not the hair roots show best results plus its less prone to breakups. Use less of shampoo and more of conditioner.

Let your hair AIR DRY. Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair and then take out by gently pressing your hair between the towel. Avoid blow dries as it makes it dry and frizzy. The key is to cut down on friction, so stop rubbing damp hair with a towel and instead gently blot it

Regular TRIMMING sessions will help you get rid of dry, damaged hair ends. Do it every two to three months or as required and remember to ask your hair stylist to give you a dry and not a wet cut. The reason being that curls retract drastically when dry , some may coil tightly while others hang a bit looser. When you cut them dry you will see where exactly your curls fall.

You can make your hair style look impressive even after air dry and you will notice there is no difference than what you get after a blow dry. This way you are also putting less tension to your strands for easy breakouts and dryness. Use a wide tooth comb and STYLE your hair when it’s still wet. If you are in hurry or a heat styling is needed then ensure that your hair is well moisturized with a good moisturizing pre-styling spray.

Last but not the least is to take extra care to maintain healthy curly hair by PAMPERING your curly locks with homemade hair masks and hot oil treatments. Yogurt mixed with olive oil is beneficial for curly hair care regime. Also invest in a good hair serum or hair cream.

Top Tip - Remember that you are lucky to be gifted with these gorgeous locks, so get out there and embrace them !

Until next - Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

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