Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tips on how to better your relationship during Ramadan

The truth is, in order to improve any relationship, there needs to be a huge amount of time spent together. Don't expect a relationship to just prosper on it's own when you hardly exchange two words during the entire day and don't even remember the last time you had dinner together. 

Fortunately, Ramadan is a huge blessing to every Muslim. It betters a person in every way. It improves your health by controlling your eating habits, nurtures you spiritually and literally forces you to spend more time with your loved ones. You have no choice but to Iftar and suhoor together, no matter how busy your schedule is. 

So I gathered some tips on how these changes can help improve your relationship with your spouse:

1. Take advantage of your meals together. Talk some, laugh more. Be a happy family. Try to catch up on what you've been missing on all these years when you were busy at work. The more you communicate, the better the bond becomes.

2. The way to the heart is through the stomach. This is the perfect time to spoil your husband by cooking his favourite little munchies. Might be harder on the muscles, since we don't enough energy to stand for long hours at the stove, but who can resist anything on an empty stomach? Gratitude will be pouring. 

3. Be spiritual together. Shaitan is locked up. Take this opportunity to bond more by going to taraweehs together. Involve your family in giving out charities. Compare your Quran talawats. I mean it's cute. And IA Allah will bring you closer together.

4. Train your habits and teach your spouse to do the same. Ramadan is the month of patience and sabr. It's a month where you get rid of your bad habits and adopt good ones. Avoid having fights with your husband. If he does something that annoys you, instead of roughing it out at him, control yourself and either be quiet or explain to him humanly what it is he is doing wrong.  Build your self-reserve. Ask your spouse to do the same. And notice how it will do wonders to your relationship. 

5. Go Eid shopping together. The biggest festivity of the year and you have to go shopping. Buy clothes, shoes, accessories for Eid together. Ask your husband for opinions and vice versa. You'll be surprised how much he actually knows about women dressing up. 

Try and follow some of the tips mentioned above and do tell me how they worked out. I'll be more than happy to have feedback from you. 

Till next week. Happy Ramadan. :)

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