Thursday, 17 April 2014

Time Tested Uses for Vaseline

Everyone has this underrated product at home, but even though it is such a great multi tasking little thing, it hardly gets the love it deserves. Now it also comes in such a cute tiny jar that can be put in your makeup bag or handbag and its just one of those things that every girl should have with her. Even though I'm sure you've read tonnes of articles on it here is a little tribute to this timeless wonder.

Without further ado let's touch up on it's various uses:

1. Makeup enhancer: Did you know Marilyn Monroe actually used this as her makeup base to get that extremely dewy look? These days primers do an amazing job but Vaseline can still be used to gloss up lips (instead of spending money on clear gloss), set brows, give a dewy effect on cheeks and eyes (used with a light hand) and my daughter has been using it for a couple of months on her lashes to make them longer and fuller and I can see the difference. If massaged over heavy eye makeup and then wiped with a hot damp cloth, the makeup will come off like no other makeup remover.

2. A mani-pedi helper: Great for softening cuticles. Here's nifty trick: smear some of it around your nails before applying nail polish so that even if some color strays outside your nails, you can easily wipe it away instead of going in with nail polish remover.

3. As a moisturizer: It's great for chapped lips, cracked elbows, knees and heels. Though the product in itself is not a moisturizer, it holds in moisture pretty well and gives a soothing effect so apply a little lotion or cream and Vaseline on top.

4. In a scrub: Just add some coarse brown sugar and exfoliate your face, hands or feet.

5. Earings not going in? Just massage some vaseline on your pierced ear lobes and a little on the earing. Take off or slip on slightly tight rings by applying some along their rims.

6. DIY powder to cream formulas: Just mix in the slightest bit of Vaseline to your eyeshadow or blush to get a cream product. But it will crease up after a couple of hours.

7. Helps with eye bags and puffiness: Just dab some under your eyes before bed, voila, fresh eyes in the morning.

8. Healing: Sometimes when my kids get scrapes that are bleeding, I'll dab a little Vaseline, this very effectively stops the bleeding. Then I'll clean up and disinfect. Especially useful for deep scratches, lip cuts. It's also good for chaffing and light nappy rash.

9. Make perfume last: This works but I don't like it, rub a little Vaseline on your pulse points before spritzing your perfume, the smell lasts for a longer time.

10. For your hair: It can be used to massage scalp before shampooing to condition and can diminish the look of split ends temporarily.

Now it is important to note that since this is in effect a waterproof, and barrier creating product, its best to use in moderation because it's effects are mostly temporary. On the skin it can block pores. Also be careful it does not get into the lungs or inside your body. Just use it wisely and sparingly.

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