Monday, 21 April 2014

Some Environmental Tips- A Reminder on the Occasion of Earth Day

So many people in the world don't enjoy the everyday basic amenities that we enjoy in the UAE, namely constant electricity, clean drinking water and even natural gas. Petrol is also in abundance. So we should appreciate these things and take heed to conserve these resources and avoid wastage.

Very simple everyday tips:

1.Save Energy- Reduce your carbon footprint by: sharing rides, using public transport or walking, switch off the car in congested traffic, check for open lights, chargers sitting idle in the socket, install energy saving light bulbs, take heed to switch off hot water geysers, irons and other electric appliances and make sure they are in proper working order, maintain ideal thermostat temperature 18-22 degrees.

2. Save Water- Put in full loads of dishes in the dishwasher and full load of clothes in the washing machine, check for leaky faucets, take showers instead of baths, buy water efficient appliances, switch of the tap when brushing your teeth.

3. Reuse/ Recycle/ Reduce- If you live in a villa then compost, reuse plastic bags, glass jars, boxes etc, put your waste into recycle bins, take your own grocery shopping bags, restrict use of aerosols, safely despose of dvds. mobiles and laptops by taking them to certain sites for these objects.

These are just basic everyday tips we can make a part of our everyday lives. Help educate those around you too.

Our earth is worth it.

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