Sunday, 19 April 2015

Flush with a Blush !

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve that natural looking cheeks all day long.

Choose your blush type / colour – 
Powder and gel blushes are good for oily skin whereas cream is best for normal to dry skin. Whichever type you choose, its shade should match your natural colour, so try to pick one that reflects your colour when you blush normally. Pick a color that will accent your best facial features and that won't stand out too much. Depending on your skin tone, you might need a lighter or a darker colour. Dark skin needs a lighter colour, whereas light skin may need a more natural colour such as brown or tan. To select the right colour of blush, make a fist for about ten seconds, the resulting colour on your fingers is the colour that is just right for you.

Quality blush brushes – 
A blush brush is the best choice. Never use a small brush or makeshift items such as cotton wool balls or powder puffs as they do not work well with the blush pigments.

A well lit space –
This will help to emphasize your features and make clear what you are doing. Prepare prior to doing your makeup by putting on any foundation and bronzer that you regularly use. Apply blush after you've put on the rest of your makeup.

Fish face –
Making a fish face helps you find the apple of your cheeks. Don't smile, that bring your cheeks up, and can make your blush too low. The apples are the round rises where you naturally blush.

Cheekbone is the key –
Always aim for symmetry . Apply the blush to the centre of the apple on one side of your face, blending the colour along your cheekbone. For the most natural look, concentrate the colour on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. Dust off the excess before blending to avoid extremely rosy cheeks. You can also blend the excess product towards the ear. Once you are done with blending , brush downwards to allow the facial hairs to lie smoothly on your skin's surface.

Final touch –
If you accidentally apply too much powdered blush, cover it with translucent powder to lighten the colour. Excess cream blush can be blotted with a tissue. Dust your face with a translucent powder to set your new look. The translucent powder brings inner warmth into the cheeks.

My top 5 picks –

Benefit Benetint
MAC Pleasantry
Diorblush Happy Cherry
NARS Lovejoy
NYX Silky Rose

Until next - Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

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