Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How do I close the old year and bring in the new year?

With the advent of the new year a couple of hours away many thoughts cross our mind. Flashes of the good and the bad memories added to our book of life. Then all the confusing messages inundating us with resolutions and goals and what we should and we should not do.

One such question was asked to me: How do I close the old year and bring in the new year?
This time I wanted to share exactly what I am doing with my end of year learnings and hope it helps you to stay calm and positive to bring in the new year.

Please click on the photo below to watch the video and hear the end of year completion ritual I have created for myself and am sharing with all of you today:

Today's video blog I have outlined the completion ritual I am following and want to share it with you so that you can start your new year 2015 on a solid foundation:

1)   Write down the top 10 things you have enjoyed the most in the year gone by. I for example have divided my life into various areas like my life coaching work, family, relationships, health, entertainment etc. and penned down the top 10 things I enjoyed the most in each area of the respective areas. So in the video above I share with you the top 3 things in my life coaching that I enjoyed the most like working with parents on The Transformational Parenting Program that has helped to transform the individual as parents and then their entire family bringing more harmony and joy in the family life.
2)   Write down the top 10 things you have not enjoyed in the year gone. So in the video I share with you the top 3 I have not enjoyed like trying to figure out what I need to eat in a no-carb diet!!
3)   Siphon out the learnings, from all the experiences you have had in the past year. It is so important for us to look at both the positive and negative experiences because they are there to teach us a lesson. To start off with it is difficult to look at the learnings from the negative or from the experiences we did not enjoy, but if you can look at the event as a purely learning experience you will bring so much richness to your personal growth.

     Action: I would love to hear from you the top 3 things you enjoyed the most, did not enjoy in the past year and what were your learnings. And if you want me to coach you in assessing the past year, the experiences, the learnings and setting up GOALS for the coming year, I am offering all UAE Mums a FREE first session of the Completion Ritual and Goal Setting Session till 31st January 2015.

So here’s wishing all UAE Mums, everyone of you whose lives I have touched in a small or big way a FABULOUS 2015! May this year bring you joy, peace, harmony and love. Hoping 2015 is the year you fulfill your goals, resolutions and dreams, because you truly deserve it.
Best wishes,

Sunaina Vohra                                                     Youth & Family Life Coach
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